Your Conservatory, Your Choice

Made almost entirely out of glass, conservatories let the light flood in and welcome the outdoors into your home, creating a seamless connection between inside and out.

When considering a new conservatory, many people focus on the aesthetics – the frame, the shape and how it will complement the existing architecture of their home, but give significantly less thought to the choice of glass. Yet glass can make a significant difference to the comfort and performance of your conservatory.

With the wrong choice of glass or polycarbonate roof, conservatories are not only difficult to clean, but they are also noisy, expensive to heat in the winter months and to keep cool in the summer. But get it right and you've got a fantastic, light filled extension to your home, providing valuable extra living space that perfectly complements your lifestyle and can be enjoyed all year round whatever the weather.

Your choice of glass for the roof and vertical glazing will have a major impact on the overall feel and comfort of your conservatory, and choosing the right glass is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you will need to make. With the Saint-Gobain Glass range of high specification conservatory glazing solutions offering a host of benefits, making the right choice is now a whole lot easier.


Roof Glass

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a range of tinted solar control glass to suit your personal preference. By utilising a solar control coating, the glass reduces the amount of external heat entering the conservatory by reflecting heat away and helps to prevent the build-up of heat in the summer. The coating is incorporated into our Natura and Aqua roof glass.

Additionally, the tints absorb the heat and reflect it back outside of the conservatory to keep the interior cool, therefore our Azura and Solara can still contribute to solar control within the conservatory.

Combining a tinted body glass with a solar control coating enhances the performance of the glass and improves the comfort of the conservatory further.


Glass vs. Polycarbonate Roof

There are many benefits to installing a glass roof over a polycarbonate roof on your conservatory:

· Increased energy efficiency for greater comfort and lower heating bills

· Decreased maintenance when incorporated with SGG Bioclean self-cleaning


· Available with solar control for greater comfort during summer months

· Less noise when it rains for a more relaxing and peaceful environment

· Enhance the aesthetics of your project

· Creates a brighter environment with more natural light

· Helps bring the “outside in”, creating a light filled room that can be used all

year round

A glass conservatory roof helps to create an illusion of additional space over and above a polycarbonate roof or tiled conservatory roof

If you already have a conservatory, the benefit of a conservatory roof replacement is that it is cheaper to transform your conservatory by changing the existing plastic or poly-carbonate roof to a glass roof, than it is to completely rebuild it.


Side Walls

Many people do not consider solar control glazing for the side walls when choosing a conservatory. This means that the amount of heat generated through the side walls can still make the conservatory uncomfortable, especially in south or west facing conservatories. By combining SGG PLANITHERM 4S with our roof glass, and using it in the sidewalls, the performance of the glass in controlling solar gain is enhanced. SGG PLANITHERM 4S combines solar control coating with thermal efficiency, which reflects heat back into the room to ensure the conservatory retains heat in the winter months.