bronze tinted roof glass for solar control and low maintenance self-cleaning

Product Benefits

  • The Bronze tint perfectly complements timber and dark-framed conservatories, giving it that rustic feel
  • Reflects up to 66% of the sun's heat, reducing the need for costly air conditioning and blinds that will obscure your view
  • Bronze tint absorbs natural daylight to reduce glare by over 57%
  • Reduces the bleaching effect of the sun by blocking 89% of the sun's UV rays, prolonging the life of your conservatory furniture and soft furnishings
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Ongoing cost savings - lower air conditioning and cleaning bills
  • Easier and less frequent cleaning
  • Reduced impact noise of precipitation compared to polycarbonate roof panels

"As we wanted a darker framed conservatory to match the rest of the house, the bronze tinted Solara roof glass really complements the look and gives a rich, warm feel to the room!""

Solara on the outer pane is combined with SGG PLANITHERM® 4S on the inner pane.

Heat reflection

Reduced glare




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